Winter Sales - Warm up with some Winter bargains

Nothing better than a winter saleWinter takes over from Autumn on the 1st June. And it's not long until the shortest day of the year comes up on June 21st. The days close in with the sun not rising until later and setting earlier. At the same time retailers sometimes report that they find consumers get gloomy or tight with their dollars come Winter.

To get creative and for the retailer to loosen the wallets and purses of consumers they will come up with Winter Sales to try and encourage spending. Add to that, June is also the end of financial year, so businesses also may have budgets to spend before the 30th June. Hence you will see many mid year sales, half hear sales and end of financial year sales. For those wanting to pick up some bargains it can be a mecca time for Sales!

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Need a Winter Getaway?

There are many opportunities for a Winter Getaway from June to August. There are the long weekends of the Queens Birthday and WA Day. So make the most of these and get out and about. Don't let these slide by as it's generally a long hop to the next long weekend or public holiday! There is of course the June and July School Holidays where a lot of rack rates go up. You could even give yourself a Xmas in July! We've compiled some Winter getaway and get out ideas. See the Winer Getaway ideas menu link.

The Big Days this Winter?

Winter has less of the big days that most seasons, so it's important to get active on the ones we have.
Some make for long weekends and others let you choose the day yourself.

Keep an eye on what's happening this...

  • Western Australia Day (First Monday in June in WA). Also called WA Day.
  • End of Financial NYE - a lot of offices party at the end of the financial year on 30th June.
  • Xmas in July - Everybody loves Xmas pudding in Winter.